Pretty, Inspired {3}

Sometimes all it takes for me to feel inspired all over again is a quick rearrange. A little extra cleaning. And some fresh bright light.


These Ten Small living spaces are inspiring me today. I especially LOVE this one, the frame?! So.Cool. We have super high ceilings and this is speaking to me for the little lady room. . . .


Our bedroom is the number one room on my I’mStumped list. But these before/afters are so pretty and get my wheels turning. 


I’m a big sucker for Ikea Hacks. And these are some pretty awesome ones.


This quote has been bouncing around my head a lot lately. As someone who comes at life with a bigger than normal dose of sensitivity, it hits home.




I have high hopes to have a few (amazing! fingers crossed!) before and afters of our back yard coming soon, but I’ve got big dreams and a  small budget, so we will see where this ends. What Spring projects are you working on? Today we pressure washed the garage, picked out some pergola ideas, bests some laundry, and are trying to pick out a paint color for our garage… who knows if we will ever get a brush going, we can’t decide!!


It’s in the small stuff.

1484151_10100738407297910_274825159_nCharlie and I are celebrating 10 years together in a couple weeks. We’ve ebbed and flowed, highed and lowed,over those years but a few things lately have been really tying the bond up tight. We have been feeling closer, more connected, and happier than ever lately. I wanted to share a few small things that seem to be fanning the flame.

1. A daily act of love. Charlie makes me a french press, every morning. He has done this over a year, and it carries huge weight. It is time out of his morning, it is care to learn how to do it (because up until a couple months ago he didn’t drink coffee! Right, what.the.what.?). And he wraps it in towels so it stays hot for when I wake up (a few hours after it’s made). This one small act communicates to me a huge need I have;  I want to know he was thinking of me when I’m not around. I am a big lover of the Five Love Languages book, but this one for me knocks those all out of the park; I want to know I’m on his mind. And this reminds me, it also gives me that moment of pouring hot coffee and thinking of him, and being thankful for him.

2. Random Clean Up; when we ‘do each others chores’. This one happens all the time and in different ways. It’s when he comes home from work to a clean house instead of the typical play filled disarray. It’s when he drops by in the middle of the day and cleans the toilet or tub without even telling me. It’s caring about lightening the load.

3. Encouraging. This one has been a practice for us. And one that is always evolving. It has meant sinking money into things that make no sense to each other (tools! for him and a fancy camera for me!). It’s not keeping score, or bartering, it’s Charlie saying “lets just buy you that camera. We can build the deck in a couple months and you can start taking pictures of beautiful things now!” We are learning to encourage each others passions; it’s me telling him to take the extra time in the shop, and him telling me to go and write while he occupies the girls. It’s sacrifice and love given in tangible ways! And its revitalizing both of us.

4. Asking questions. Somewhere around year 8 we kinda hit a lull and stopped really asking each other questions. We just kinda thought “yeah, I know that person. Inside and out.” but then, recently, we started to realize that (duh!) we are two ever evolving people with always changing hearts and passions, we are endless! there is so much to know! So now we date. Sure, its across bobbing blonde baby heads, noodles all over the table, or intersected with bath times and bandaids, but we keep the questions flowing like were dating again. And I can’t even say how great it is to keep getting to know this guy.

5. Kissing and hugging. So much. All the time. And for longer than 20 seconds. That seems weird, and precise, but I promise once you start doing this two things will occur to you; 1. Wow, we were just kissing and hugging hardly at all before! and 2. Ohhhh the LOVE! This article talks a little about it, but that love/attachement/connection hormone (oxytocin!) is released strongest and best after 20 seconds. So, get smooching!


both photos by Tiffany Burke Photography (and taken almost exactly a year apart :) )

Weekend Projects. Slow and Steady.

We have been tackling small projects each week/weekend and here are this past weekends triumphs!

10269503_10100882726246580_4871572076497308987_nThe back steps before.


And (mostly done) after! Still need to box in the rails and remove one side (deck is coming soonish!) but still a huge improvement!

10251965_10100882726236600_609847520750316675_nand…. because we are crazy… after lots of talking and thought we decided we are done with the bunk bed season (no one was sleeping in the top bunk and it always freaked other Mom’s out when their littles climbed up, and we host a LOT of playdates, so for the sake of mine and everyone else’s sanity! we cut them apart. The girls are THRILLED!)



What did you do with your weekend? Any fun projects, were still scheming whats to come next weekend!

Pretty, Inspired {2}


This little lady-o turned TWO last weekend! Between the unending chatter, sentences, and new words busting out… I believe it!

Here were a few things I saw/loved during this past week;

ea4f74a865806aad2658537acc039a2eThis hair. I mean… yes. 100X yes.


This bathroom remodel is getting my wheels a turning!

I’m pretty handy with a sharpy and have a whole lotta white walls. . . . thinking about doing this DIY wall paper dealio.



I’m missing having more consistent writing, and these journal prompts are pretty enticing. I think I might start working some pen to paper and get that flowing again.

13915859956_5f097b9cfc_oThis picture really spoke to me. A ‘gallery wall’ of your kiddos chosen art. I love it.

And I think this might be the inspiration we need for a big art day and some beautiful new pieces in the girls room! Found here!

1464697_10100738403041440_96263811_nAnd, what is inspiring me most this week, this guy. Marriage, love, and how to tend a marriage is on my heart, mind, and lips a lot lately.

at home. {Five Things I Didn’t Expect in the Home Buying Process}

Something clicked this last week. We would walk in the door and both kinda smile to each other. I would hang things on walls and not second guess it. I would move around chairs and benches and mirrors without a second thought, because I knew where they went. This past week I didn’t think much about our old house or how cute the front yard was, or how warm the stoop was after the sun went down. This week I reveled in home and all the security that comes with it.

I feel like our feet are under us and we are finally finding our love for this home that we had upon the first walk through. The tumult of buying is over and behind us far enough, the project list is out of the OMG CHANGE THAT ASAP space, and we’ve hosted friends here enough to feel like this is home to them now too. But now I can finally reflect a second. And wanted to lift the veil on home buying for a moment; It’s not what HGTV made me believe it was!


Five Things I Didn’t Expect in the Home Buying Process;

1. The secrecy! Putting in an offer is a big deal! But sharing it around early? And then having it fall through? Heartbreak. We only kept a small circle of friends/family in the loop until we felt *kindasorta* sure, and even then it was pretty early to share our info (uh, on here!) and it  might have all fallen through. Most people take the pregnancy approach and keep it all pretty quiet till they are sure the house will stick. It surprised me how much we were urged and how much we felt like this wasn’t okay to put out in the world until we had keys in hand. I clung to the words from a friend and blog reader (read her amazing words here!) of “This or something Better.” and those got me through a whole lotta fears.

2. To cry. So much. I am a crier, so it shouldn’t be surprising that when we sent in our “offer paperwork” and when we got the “keys call” I was a wreck. But I didn’t realize all the tear opportunities in between! Like; Running your credit and finding you pretty much financially don’t exist (uh, I guess there is a downside to having no debt :/) and having to change all.the.plans. Or crying every time you hear your email alert go off, because  MAYBE WE GOT THE HOUSE?!

3. To feel uncertain until the very very end. Even if it is “certain”. Because of the program we bought through, it wasn’t a bidding war or negotiations that were tenuous, it was just waiting to ‘be sure’. The papers had to be gone over and over (and over twice again) by underwriting, and the loan officers, and on and on. We *knew* that there was nothing that would give them pause, or that made us not great candidates, but I still spent lots of sleepless nights wondering what they would find combing our (stupidly simple and empty) bank statements. I think the inherent limbo in waiting for someone to give you a stamp of approval is just hard and restless.

4. How slow slow slow it feels while you wait and then how LIGHTING fast it is once you “know”. Suddenly you go from hazy timelines, and maybe we can have a garden in our new home, to THIS IS IT COME SIGN TODAY! and “here are your keys! welcome home!” and then you still have to pack/move/clean/unpack/clean/arrange/organize/arrange again/yougetthepicture (it’s still going).

5. That your new home, even though you bought it because it is better than where you were and even though it is now “yours”, won’t feel like home right off the bat. The taco truck dinners, pizza takeout on paper plates, and champagne in a coffee mug is charming and sweet, but not quite home. It took us a good two months, this past week!, to really get that :sigh: this is ours, feeling.


But now, we are sitting in that sweet spot (for DIY fanatics) of a nice long list of stuff we want to accomplish. But in a home with photos on the walls, furniture in nice functioning spaces, and friends knowing where we are without needing our address. We are home.


Pretty, Inspiring.

1653266e05300f92ff470729bf387aefThis quote, while cheesy, speaks to me. It’s likely going on the chalk wall soon.


A weekend project I am wanting (Charlie) to do.

Looks so cute and easy too!



Both of these are inspiring me for our office wall. And lots (LOTS) more cool wall art ideas here too!

Also liking This bloggers thoughts (after participating!) in American Blogger.

This cool way to add character to a door! SO beautiful. Also, that blue door? Yes. Please. Everyday.


And, this office, alluvit. The shelves are especially inspiring me since I need to get some BIG SHELVING going in our bedroom soon!

raising women.

Ever just get chills when you look at those beautiful big eyed babies? See them speak with love, interact without shame, and love with zero abandon; The hairs on my arm stand tall as I see them walk taller. And I know. This is holy work. This is it. These girls are gonna change the world. And I can’t even fathom in what huge ways their love with shape people. Will change broken hearts. Will rock this town as we know it. This world as we know it.

The little powerhouse firecrackers who live in this home are gonna do some big, big, things.



baby, I think you’re cute and funny.


I hear the words play out, at five am, “we might not have any money. But we’ve got our love to pay the bills. Maybe I think you’re cute and funny . . . ” and the song stops as he turns the alarm off and sneaks noiselessly out. And the girls and I keep on dreaming.

But sometimes, I can roll away and sneak out before their eyes crack open to the streaming sun through our bedroom window, and sometimes when I do he is already standing there in the kitchen. Skillet bubbling with butter, water boiling for the coffee he makes for me each  morning, and with a smile on his face because quiet mornings fill him up.

And I just want to soak him in. The way he gives to me with my coffee made just right, a breakfast prepped, and a house all straightened up. How he knows my favorite cup, the place to put the cozy blankets on the couch so we can cuddle in upon first waking, and how he leaves huge glasses of water filled up for me all over.

And if I could freeze that first moment he turns around, surprised to see me childless… I would bottle it up and pour it on me during every hard day, during ever 3pm. His eyes have grown older and twinkly, his laugh lines fill immediately, and his arms beg. A moment free of little limbs, tiny voices “mama, up with you. Papa cuddle me in!” where a hug is unencumbered, uninterrupted, and on our own terms. A moment that happened a thousand- million- endless times before the years with babies, a moment I took for granted so often, a Moment of “I want to kiss you. So I’ll kiss you.” that now holds monumental weight and sits atop a mountain top of laundry/nursing/bouncing/reading/scheduling.

This guy gets it. He lays it on thick at every opportunity and gives endlessly.

Charlie, the times for those endless kisses will come back. But for now, I’ll hold tight to morning moments with you, coffee hot, and hugs tight and long.


Office Space

We have been in the house for a little over a month and are just starting to figure out the best ways to get each space working. We ended up switching our bedroom and the office this past weekend, and while that was a bummer because it meant my pretty giant midcentury school desk had to go (no room, sob sob) it also meant that we got a MUCH bigger bedroom and I could start to really remiagine the office into a space that could easily work for all of us.

There is still a lot of work (and BIG HUGE WHITE WALL SPACE… what do I do???)  left to happen. A little couch is being delivered this week, a new light fixture at the end of the month, and I need to paint the girl’s art chairs. But for now, from my iPhone, here’s what we have done with the space!




And my side is still a work in progress, but here it is at the moment. I am in love, and this space feels SO much closer to what I was envisioning.


I’ve got about a hundred (more?) inspiration pictures of office ideas on pintrest going, and am still dreaming and scheming up some cool wall treatments, and some dip dyed stools for the girls’ desk (down the line). And maybe some big polka dots? So many ideas! But for now, this space is really functioning just how we want, and feels calm and bright when we walk in.

Do you have a sweet office? Or an office play room? or an office/guest room? Share some pictures, I need inspiration!

finding my church.


I don’t make room for guilt and God in my heart. It seems that one or the other is reigning and the relief and comfort both bring, while so different, is consuming to the point that my body is flooded, there is no room.

Today, during my few minutes of yoga  (I’m doing another ‘ten day challenge’ on my blog Facebook and instagram) I had that sweating/shaking/you brain isn’t ‘thinking-thoughtful-thoughts anymore’ moment. And I felt so clearly; “God is here. Here in yoga, in your book, in your baking, in your interactions with your girls. You are engaging Him, loving Him, and knowing Him better in these spaces.”

I am not a fan of many devotional books, contrived bible studies, or video series that are shown at Women’s Breakfasts. I have a hard time reconciling the woman on the video with my woman in the mirror, we seem like different breeds. The Church and I often times not lining up. My heart wanting to give to every homeless person I come across for my tithe, and churches seeming to scramble for new sound systems and technology for their sanctuary… I know none of it is that simple, but it feels simple to provide what you have to those who ask, without question. And, regardless, it often times leaves me feeling  lost and guilty for not being at every study/sunday morning/and devotional. And I have battled that guilt for years. Ached for those spaces to feel right, the right fit. But have yet to find that church setting that seems to be brimming with Jesus and not judgement and legalism. And I know that half that battle is in my own heart, but big pieces of it also seem to lay in a deeply broken church. One that holds one mold, one kind of person, and I have struggled to reconcile where I fit.

But this morning it rained down on me in the midst of a thankful filled Sun Salutation. Yoga is a prayer, I spend those 25min feeling awe for His creation and how intricate my body and muscles and blood flow are. I feel intense thankfulness for the time and space from my girls I am getting to take. And I feel that calm, quiet, listening space emerge in the moments of holding a post just long enough to shake. I feel Him. Without judgement of “are my hands in the air?” or “did I just parent wrong in front of that church Mom?” or any other guilt ridden junk I lay on thick in those situations.

I feel abundance, and wholeheartedness, I feel vulnerable and awake, and feel thankfulness and new understanding. I end conversations with fiends (“non christians” !) and feel closer to God, deeper in relationship, and in Worship without ceasing, as opposed to ending the song set and checking the clock worried about my preschooler in the sunday school program.

I’ve found where I fit. I fit in with God. I fit in with movement. Nature. Friends. I fit with vulnerability and raw conversations with people who challenge me to look at what I think and believe and back it up; in scripture, in great books, in prayer, and in ironsharpensiron with Charlie. I feel at rest in where we are right now.



And if those movements don’t look and feel like worship, deeper than I’ve ever known, I don’t know what does.