When You Don’t Make it to the Top.

There is a hike in town with two trail heads, or rather, one trail head and one parking lot that has a road named for the same destination and the word trail head on a sign. We have read about this hike, researched it, and attempted it three times now. Each time our kiddos tire […]

How to struggle, give, and still move forward in our political climate.

This space is morphing, and I’m excited about the new content and tone. I am ready to be sharing more about what is helping my family, myself, and my marriage to find health and movement. I’m excited to delve more deeply into body positive fitness, and ways to move your body that are accessible to […]

Abundant30, day 27. Now What Happens with Self Acceptance?

The abundant30 group has been going strong for 27 days. With some serious change, acceptance, growth, success, and goals being met. I’m left thinking…. now what? I never want this to end. And could honestly work through the 30 days again and again, learning something new and changing something important every cycle. This circle of women […]

5 Ways to Refresh Your Yoga Practice

Whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, your practice can feel stale sometimes. Whenever I am starting to feel that ‘ho-hum, get it done’ feeling, I try to center myself on a few tips that always re-up my adoration for what yoga gives me. Yoga has been a pathway to appreciating my […]

Arboretum Hike, PNW Travel Fun!

As winter starts to wind down and the warmer weather creeps in bringing rain right along with it, we are finding ways to enjoy getting outside. Our legs are heavy and slow from a cozy winter, and working to get our hiker muscles back is important to all of our summer trail plans! Getting the […]

What Would Change if you Accepted You?

In the abundant30 group this week we talked a bit about this topic. What would life look like, how would you act, if you stopped waiting to be someone else. If you accepted yourself,  as you are today, how would your life change? This can be Big Stuff: Jobs you’d apply for, relationships you’d leave, […]

Frozen Lake Padden!

For the first time in nearly 30 years, a big lake in our town froze. I’ve never explored a big frozen lake, don’t know much about it, and am woefully uneducated on the in’s and out’s of how to stay safe in that environment. So I approached it with extreme caution  (because, you know, 4 […]

Q&A Part Two!

I’m going to launch into a few more frequently asked questions! If, at the end, this leaves you with more questions, please comment here, or Facebook, and I’ll get to them next go-around. These posts are so fun, and a great way to move quickly through some topics I don’t often get the chance to […]

Q&A! Part One!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on IG and FB lately, and I wanted to pop together a little answer spot here! I love hearing your questions, and reading them was really enlightening. I sometimes forget that many of you have been reading here for quite awhile and that my blog has changed a […]

Instagram Yoga

I’ve been playing out my yoga journey on IG primarily. I’ve found some great and empowering yogi’s to follow, and am keeping up with cranking the music and making my own flows, or popping on a YouTube (Yoga With Adriene!) video most days. I wanted to share a few of my top posts from there. […]