Long Term Relationships and Sex, How to improve your sex life. Part One.

Let me start this off with a caveat. If you are my family, friend, or someone otherwise uncomfortable reading not just about sex, but about my views and experience on the topic – Stop Now! No hard feelings! I’ve hesitated to write on this topic for years, because I was worried about making someone/anyone uncomfortable. But the […]

Quickie Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Fun!

Whenever I wait on stocking stuffer gifts I end up buying one of two ways, either stuff they don’t care about/but need (and, to be fair, this is good sometimes! Socks!) or junk… just little, junky, dollar bin things that will break immediately. This year we are doing one gift, and stockings, for Christmas morning. […]

Fall Abundance Bowl Easy Recipe!

This week is a hectic one, with the Giving Tree (<– That’s the story of the first year, now in year 5, we are serving 250 children!) picking up speed (many trees go up this week!), homeschooling in full swing, and lots of work commitments for both Charlie and I, I knew I needed to meal […]

Giving the Bathroom a Micro-Makeover! How to make your space guest (even your littlest guests) friendly.

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #QuiltedHoliday #CollectiveBias As a family of four in a small home with one bathroom, we are used to sharing and using space as wisely as possible. But adding in guests, holidays, and potty training kiddos to the mix? Whoa. We […]

Small Home Love, Living Room Tour!

We’ve lived in our home for nearly three years, and still I am finding new things I love about it, new little projects I want to try, and ways to rearrange it (again and again). Our living room has had many iterations, and I seem to always want to wait till it’s as the “best” […]


I did this on my IG a while back and it was really fun, and lots of awesome women played a long. I love seeing these snippets of truth. So, here are ten more: {me, in my element} I’ve never eaten a (meat)hamburger. Like, not even a bite. I’m watching Friends through for the first […]

How We Decided to Home School

Initially, we didn’t so much “decide to homeschool” as we decided not to enroll in public school. I made the decision to not enroll in kindergarten after a lot of research, interviewing, and heavy consideration, but I also didn’t just feel great about home schooling either. If you had asked me as recently as a […]

Staying Motivated to Workout- 6 Reasons to Switch Up your Workout Routine!

I am coming up on 2 years of consistently having a workout routine. Routine might be a misleading word, as it hasn’t been the same thing every day, at all. And there have been short breaks (maybe 5 days at most?) mostly because I have done so many different things over the course of two […]

Healthy Holiday Potluck Offering- Creamy Broccoli Salad

Holiday potlucks and parties can be full of sweets, treats, and buckets of fried chicken. Bringing a plate of veggies isn’t often all that loved, and can end up costing quite a lot. This recipe won’t look out of place, is familiar enough that everyone will grab a scoop, but it is healthy and full of […]

How to Disable Food Guilt

When you “make it” all week and you feel all the benefits, but you still choose sugar (or whatever your vice) on the weekend. Those times when you do a “successful” whole30, but day 31 comes with a boat of non-compliance and the shame looms like your stomach ache, soon to arrive. You know what […]