blog gone.

When it was almost gone I felt a moment of relief. All those words and moments and documented mistakes were gone. All the over sharing and stories that aren’t quite mine to give so fully… gone. I felt a second of “oh good. Now no one will know. ” I was thankful to have the […]


In the mornings I shake out the comforters and blankets from my bed after the girls have run their feet to their room to check on the dollies. I feel that last of the nights heat in a wind over me. And I can’t help but smile. These are the days. Somehow in the space […]

Nolie is 4(ish).

“Nolie! How do you feel today? You are four!” yes. And, I feel four…ish. But just a little four.    She’s a gift to everyone she meets. Her infectious laugh, her quick smile and easy friendship, the way that she asks “are you good? are you feeling okay? being a mama is hard.” of me […]

{somewhat odd} things I am thankful for today.

watermelon seeds in my bed. long grass clippings in the yard, they make a perfect play nest for play babies. rumply baby bed head. sweaty neck rolls and fat tiny toes. coconut oiled girls all covered in grass and sand and sun. tan lines showing up in the gritty bath water. big huge giant play-date […]

the resolution pull.

I have felt drained. Aimless and quick to anger.  A friend posted a status about the things we do for others, and what have we done that day as a gift to someone else. I was stumped. Because in my day it was all me focused. How can I get a break? How can I […]

Leaping into the unknown

Last year, and almost every year, I start January and feel like God is really pulling me back to him. To routine. Regime. Consistency. Last year I knew that my ‘word’, focus, goal, resolution,  whatever, was Contentment. And that really did mark my year. We fell more in love with our marriage, our kids, and […]

Giving Tree 2012- the tree that grew

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are […]

Foolish Designs- Welcome!

Well. . . big news about whats growing at our house. (NOT a baby, better not be a baby.) Charlie is opening up an online shop! He has long been making me whatever I see on pintrest or cute boutiques and it is time we share the love around. He has pretty much given up […]

great expectations.

So, when we decided we wanted to have kids I knew that there were lots of things that would die along with that choice (and tons of new life too, but some death would accompany that). I knew that I would lose out on sleep, ‘me time’, my ideal body, time alone with my hubs, […]

Be my friend.

Hey, did you know my page has a facebook? And I post lots (maybe too much?) there! You can click the link to the right or just go here. You’ve missed stuff like this. . . butternut squash soup + a recipe! real life tandem nursing pictures (can you spot Nolie?) no heat curls are […]