I did this on my IG a while back and it was really fun, and lots of awesome women played a long. I love seeing these snippets of truth. So, here are ten more: {me, in my element} I’ve never eaten a (meat)hamburger. Like, not even a bite. I’m watching Friends through for the first […]

Life lately. A taste of our homeschool.

I’ve hesitated to share much about our homeschooling. For… many reasons. One that I am still a little nervous when I so publicly proclaim We.Are.Homeschoolers. Secondly, I am such a new homeschooler that a all I can offer is what we are doing, and has worked so far, but ‘so far’ is only a year […]


It’s been a hard day. But the thing that always pulls me back is thankfulness for the moments. Independent play. Listening to her describe her dreamy world around her and talk to the drawings she creates. A late, and needed, nap. Growing things, found things, and a tidy home. Can you spy Everbee? All hung […]

Five things on my mind. . .

1. Swim Suits. I took this picture a couple months ago and am in love with this style suit. But I need to find a way to make it more supportive (heyo nursing boobs!) and was thinking of cutting the straps to make it a halter (currently crosses in the back) but am scared of […]


Here are some peeks from my phone this past week. See lots more on my instagram, playinghousefulltime . Are you on instagram? Find me, I want to see pictures of your cute kids too! Or… wait, what else can I take pictures of?  

snap shots.

books in the cozy chair.  a reluctant best friend.  an early, papa made, Christmas gift.  a beautiful queen.  a reminder.  advent, all the time.  a little perch.


This has been a really rough season and a particularly hard week. Each day it looks a little darker. But once I retreat into that hole-of-dark I stop looking for the light. And there is a lot of light. Today Nolie (wholly unprompted) apologized to her friend, he apologized to her and they hugged and […]

interview with Nolie

Basically since she was born I have been waiting till Nolie was old enough to do this… she is just.so.cool. Everything out of her mouth is darling, hilarious, embarrassing and totally cracks us up. So here you have it. Miss. Noele Grace at 2 and almost a half years old. How are you today? ha […]

10 things

Ok, these are SUCH a throwback to when I used to do office work. Things got boring and I would post these on my blog or on my Facebook notes… All.the.time. (because how much work do you really do when you are a data entry worker?! answer: nada) Mandy tagged everyone, so you should go […]

a list of things you don’t care about, I promise.

1. I have a strikingly long tongue and will rarely, if ever, stick it out all the way. Fun fact: My grandma, Mom, Sister and Nieces all seem to have it too! 2. Charlie and I have known each other since we were 2 . 3. I have a fear of whales and (now) sturgeons […]