Postpartum Tips {1} Placenta Encapsulation

I am going to a do a few posts about what has been the most helpful for this tricky postpartum time. Everything from vitamins to underwear! Here we go with the first installment and, arguably, the most important one! ________________________________________________________ With my first pregnancy I hadn’t heard of Placenta Encapsulation. I planned to plant my […]

EDD- empathy teaching

Today is my due date. I can say with total assurance that I never thought I would be sitting here, April 23rd, without a baby. Having my first come almost two weeks early and second pregnancies are “typically shorter” along with being prepared for a home birth from 37 weeks on (because, duh, you have […]

casting and coming to terms

WARNING: these images are of a cast of my body and fairly graphic. I have struggled with body image for ages. But this pregnancy it has gone into overdrive. I am so awed by what womens’ bodies are capable of and how they are designed to stretch and accommodate and sustain a whole life (and […]

Full Term- BELLIES!

I have written about pregnant bellies before and shared images of women who were coming into the third trimester. This time I want to show you just what  a range of belly there can be with a healthy, full term, and cooked baby in there. I am currently enormous feeling. 99% of my shirts don’t […]


ps. I, in no way, think that gaining 35+ pounds is a big deal in and of itself. My problems stem from my own issues, I know many (many many) women gain far more than that and look incredible, are healthy, and maintain a healthy weight postpartum (in a healthy time frame). This post is […]


Had an ultrasound this morning and am grinning from ear to ear. Evidently living in knees chest-pelvic tilts-downward dogs- hands and knees and bouncing constantly on a yoga ball worked for this little baby! We are, currently (for the moment! eek!), head down! So now… best suggestions on how to get this little girl stuck? […]

home birthing and planning for baby #2

We are getting into the planning stages, the fun parts, the collecting stuff feeling the weight and reality of this. I am about a  month and a half away from full term… Charlie and I sorted through all of Nolies newborn clothes and washed, folded and put away all these (tiny, tiny, tiny, “up to […]

well… here I am.

I had a midwife appointment a couple of days ago. I stood on the scale and saw the numbers tick up-up-up (luckily alone).I am currently sitting at the same weight I was when I DELIVERED Nolie… I want to practice what I preach. I want to be OK with this and know that I am […]

Getting Dressed (twelve)

Today was beautiful. The sun shone all day, Nolie was confident and played really comfortably at a playdate and Charlie worked a half day (and then late hours tonight, bummer). We went on a  family date and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We walked Nolie downtown in her BOB (surefire nap) and she slept […]

Ripe Women

Women are fed a lot of nonsense about how we should look, act and talk. We are filled with ideas and images, words and criticisms that speak to how we will fail, not how we will succeed. Women who are pregnant are fed a whole new slew of lies. We shouldn’t get stretch  marks, we […]