ebb and flow(ing) all over the place

I am deeply sensitive and emotional, my mood affects my heart and my heart changes my mood in the most high and low ways. I’ve often wished to be different. To be unaffected and capable of just setting routines, schedules, and goals and not live so swayed by heartache, the news, a photo on Facebook, […]

Home Workout; Getting Started!

I’ve tried, and loved, gyms before. I liked the ritual of going somewhere, packing up, and being surrounded by other people who are all working together. It’s the easiest way to feel motivated (money! other people to count on you!)Group fitness classes, LOVE. But? None of that was even kind of sustainable with our budget […]

Space for fear

Today I swung my whole self hand-to-hand across the monkey bars. A year ago I couldn’t hang, holding my own body weight, for more than 25sec. Yesterday I hung upside down on a bar on the school playground, by just my knees, I used momentum and swung back and forth until I could let my […]

blog gone.

When it was almost gone I felt a moment of relief. All those words and moments and documented mistakes were gone. All the over sharing and stories that aren’t quite mine to give so fully… gone. I felt a second of “oh good. Now no one will know. ” I was thankful to have the […]

running is changing.

Last year Charlie and I trained for and ran a local half marathon. It was a hard, long, and eye opening process. And I never ran alone. Always with him, or a friend, the miles felt too quiet and too long and too tiring with only my stomp-stomp-stopm. The dedication to put in the weekly […]

Bucket List Blonde

I come from blonde roots. My Mom is a blonde, my sister is, and all the nieces and nephews are little toe heads. I’ve always been dark haired. I would have been named Robin had I followed in all the blonde footsteps before me, but I came out with gorilla levels of nearly black hair, […]

How to nurse in a dress!

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for ages! I’ve only come across a few dresses I can’t nurse in, but generally I’ve found there are tricks and ways to nurse in virtually any dress. Here are my tricks when looking at dresses during shopping trips, and a few cheap items you can add to […]

10 Days Done

Yesterday morning I finished my ten day yoga challenge. I asked Nolie if she would take my final pictures for me. She happily obliged and proceeded to take about 70 pictures of me bending and moving, the walls, Evie, her feet, and various home landscape pictures. But that afternoon as I went through the myriad […]


I challenged myself to a Ten Day Yoga Challenge. Ten days of yoga, thirty minutes. Day five and I have fallen in love. I’m not doing any sort of “real” or super strenuous yoga, just an at home DVD deal in my yoga pants that often times double as my ‘grocery store’ pants or my […]

Gorgeous- Mama does boudoir

I walked into the studio and felt the sweat begin to bead on my forehead. I had watched girls disrobe and grin all day long. Gorgeous bodies that had carried babies, given birth at home or in a hospital, vaginally or surgically, bodies that had been forever changed. And bodies that were being celebrated not […]