Great Book List Gift Guide!

Books are an ever-popular present around our house. More than likely every member of our family will have a book or two in their stocking, as we are all big fans of new reading material. I have my eye on this one (Love Warrior) and this one too, even thought I kinda have a love/hate […]

The Perfect Storm, An Awful Parenting Day

Our oldest didn’t fall asleep till nearly 11pm, after losing her second front tooth, her sister woke her early at 6am to see what the Tooth Fairy (they are aware it’s me) brought her. Both were disappointed in their presents and took it out on each other/our few rules/and loudly. It’s Monday. From the moment […]

How to Enjoy your Kids More!

Spending quality time with my kids is on the top of my list of favorites, and priorities. However, we are together a lot. A lot. It is easy for me to start to tune out the good moments, hear just the whining/asking for stuff/hungry/tired and on and on and lose track of how good it […]

Life lately. A taste of our homeschool.

I’ve hesitated to share much about our homeschooling. For… many reasons. One that I am still a little nervous when I so publicly proclaim We.Are.Homeschoolers. Secondly, I am such a new homeschooler that a all I can offer is what we are doing, and has worked so far, but ‘so far’ is only a year […]

Making time for Play! The importance of play, especially during the school year.

The school year is now in full swing, October is here, and we are embracing the routines and lunch making, teacher e-mails, and extra tired kiddos. School work in the evenings, and soccer games on the weekends, time is scheduled richly and it’s easy to begin to live in the routine, to feel like you […]

Dear Mama of a School Aged Child, October is here.

  I know we thought we would hit this age and magically it would be easier. We wouldn’t be as sleep deprived, our kids would communicate and tell us when they needed to pee and eat and to hold them when they’re sad. Bedtime wouldn’t be (so) laborious, and the idea of waiting would make […]

Hiking With Kids

Summer in the PNW is a gift, a gorgeous bright and sunny daily gift. I am a city girl, through and through, but getting up early to make it to the mountains, fills me up in a way that libraries and coffee shops can’t. It’s not my everyday, but, when it is my day, I […]

back to, what?

Back to school is on my mind… with notebooks and corduroys on sale in every store I am realizing that the days are getting shorter and it’s time to start thinking about some routine again. It still feels strange to not be ‘going to school’ in the traditional way, I never (ever) envisioned us homeschooling, […]

Working out, with kids everywhere.

I remember when I was 20, working out was just on my list. I’d go to classes at this building and that and then end my day watching ANTM or The Pickup Artist (anyone know these shows? My love of terrible TV has been around forever) on the treadmill at my University’s gorgeous rec center. […]

The sun, the sand, the hauling.

The end of this summer has been full of day trips, mountain adventures, and driving to new places. The girls’ familiarity with “quiet, Siri is telling me where to turn!” has grown exponentially the past few weeks. We had a slow start to summer as all the adventures felt overwhelming. Packing, food, life vests, hikes […]