Women’s Circle

I was waiting for the moment I closed the door. Hands balancing every plate, and bag, and snack, and need, waiting for it to slam behind me – my punch clock beeping to tell me “off the clock”. I’d planned for the whole week to make this one night of leaving the house at bedtime happen, […]

What No One Tells You About Meditation

Meditation is a buzzword of late, and even the most scientific types are singing its praises. The importance of positive thinking, time spent calm, and how important space and breath can be to our brains, bodies, and achieving goals cannot be undersold.  However, what no one tells you about meditation, is that if you approach […]

5 Tips to Grow Closer to your Partner and Feel More Known

Charlie and I have been together for 12 years, and married 8. That seems like a blink when I imagine the long haul of decades ahead of us, but the reality is that we’ve lasted longer than many marriages and seem to be on the right trajectory as we are only falling more in love, […]

You Are a Badass, a book review, from a Love/Hate reader.

I’m a former self-help book hater. I don’t know why, they fit my sunny I LOVE IT ALL! view to a T. But I never found one that seemed to be helpful, about something I cared about,  or felt like I needed help with. The first deviation from this was when I read It Starts […]

Dear Mama of a School Aged Child, October is here.

  I know we thought we would hit this age and magically it would be easier. We wouldn’t be as sleep deprived, our kids would communicate and tell us when they needed to pee and eat and to hold them when they’re sad. Bedtime wouldn’t be (so) laborious, and the idea of waiting would make […]

Know Thyself, getting to know myself.

The older I get the more I realize how much control I really do have in this moment. I am not at the whim of my monsters, I am in control of them. Because they are me. Those thoughts, are mine. Those words and cruel intentions, mine too. The desire to lash out, say awful […]

New Adventurers, New Love

Charlie and I have known each other forever, we began dating at 17, married at 22, and had a baby at 23. We weren’t adventurers then, we were college kids, day laborers, many minimum wage job holders, and bar hoppers. If you weren’t an adventurer before, two kids: two and under won’t make you one […]

Life After Whole30

On day 20 of my most recent (last week) whole30 I felt a punch to the gut as I realized, I’m doing this for all the wrong reasons. How long have I been doing this for the wrong reason? I was listening to a snap(chat) story from Melissa Hartwig (Whole30 creator) where she addressed the […]


I used to say yes, always. Yes, yes, yes. I’ll bake that cake, make the extra meal, take care of that toddler, write that, post that, moderate this, email them, yes yes yes. Then I read the quote about “…saying Yes to this means saying No to that…” I thought deeply about what I was saying […]

The sun, the sand, the hauling.

The end of this summer has been full of day trips, mountain adventures, and driving to new places. The girls’ familiarity with “quiet, Siri is telling me where to turn!” has grown exponentially the past few weeks. We had a slow start to summer as all the adventures felt overwhelming. Packing, food, life vests, hikes […]