Winter Fashion

I used to post quite a bit of outfit ideas and inspiration here. But as the years have gone by, I’ve felt less and less connected to fashion. What I enjoy wearing seems to shift every two years or so, my style changes, and as such I would rely heavily on Fast Fashion (H&M, Old […]

Vacation Meal Plan!

We came home from a great little getaway to a sleepy little beach town. The whole trip was unplugged (more on that another day… so embarrassingly hard), and we stayed mostly inside due to rainy weather. As much as that may sound like a bore, it was incredible and connecting. All the cozying, cuddling, dance parties, board […]

Fall Style, Prana Review

I always stock the girls up on new leggings, a pair of fresh boots, and a new sweater for Fall. This year, Prana and Sweat Pink spoiled me with the same kind of gift. I am so excited to add both of these pieces to my wardrobe, and happy to share about them with you! […]

Winter Running Essentials

We’ve been doing a nice share of cold weather running lately, and I’ve been slowly growing a little collection of chilly temp approved running wears. This list is full of the stuff I love to wear (no affiliation with any brand) and works well for me. We run around 3-5 miles, and I often go […]

long weekend love.

We’ve been living this weekend, and it feels good and slow and bright and just right. And there are still a couple days left. I’m so full.   And eating well. Those quiches, yes. Forever and always.


So, yeah, my blog is pretty much becoming a chronicle of my ever changing hair and home. But, that’s just where I’m at!  Lots of home DIY, fun hair changes, and the daily grind of kiddos. I really couldn’t be happier, things feel really good right now. And I am feeling that readiness for Fall, […]

Bucket List Blonde

I come from blonde roots. My Mom is a blonde, my sister is, and all the nieces and nephews are little toe heads. I’ve always been dark haired. I would have been named Robin had I followed in all the blonde footsteps before me, but I came out with gorilla levels of nearly black hair, […]

How to nurse in a dress!

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for ages! I’ve only come across a few dresses I can’t nurse in, but generally I’ve found there are tricks and ways to nurse in virtually any dress. Here are my tricks when looking at dresses during shopping trips, and a few cheap items you can add to […]

Dressember 2013

I decided to full force jump into Dressember this year, I’ve done it in the past as a fun “get dressed!” inspiration but never fully committed. This year the terms of Dressember changed, the goal no long just to ‘wear a dress’ but so much bigger than that. To make a change. To raise awareness. […]

Getting Dressed!

So, I’ve been getting dressed! Preschool has made my getting dressed record take a hit (when did 9am become so early?). But for parties, family dates, and Saturday my amount of ‘real clothes’ wearing has been sky high. Here are a few of the documented wears. I’m peplum obsessed. top: target jeans: H&M shoes: gap […]