Frozen Lake Padden!

For the first time in nearly 30 years, a big lake in our town froze. I’ve never explored a big frozen lake, don’t know much about it, and am woefully uneducated on the in’s and out’s of how to stay safe in that environment. So I approached it with extreme caution  (because, you know, 4 […]

Friday Feels.

I’m always over caffeinated on Fridays. The second cup, or press, or pot, always sounds like a good plan. The day is rife with relief, it’s Friday, support is home for two full days in only 9 hours. But the day is rife with the weight of the week too, the hours on hours that it’s been […]

Great Book List Gift Guide!

Books are an ever-popular present around our house. More than likely every member of our family will have a book or two in their stocking, as we are all big fans of new reading material. I have my eye on this one (Love Warrior) and this one too, even thought I kinda have a love/hate […]

Motherhood, My North Star

I have tried to swing the pendulum into different genres when I write. I have tried to step back from talking about motherhood. Over the years I have experienced online bullying, and scary real life bullying. I have also experienced deep, authentic heart connection with friends and readers as a direct result of my words. I […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Last night I laid on my mat, finishing up a yoga video with Charlie. It was a gratitude specific practice and at the end the teacher said,  “lay into your mat and feel the ground supporting you.” My mind wandered and I thought, this isn’t the ground (not immediately), it’s this home. The floors of […]

Quickie Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Fun!

Whenever I wait on stocking stuffer gifts I end up buying one of two ways, either stuff they don’t care about/but need (and, to be fair, this is good sometimes! Socks!) or junk… just little, junky, dollar bin things that will break immediately. This year we are doing one gift, and stockings, for Christmas morning. […]

Life lately. A taste of our homeschool.

I’ve hesitated to share much about our homeschooling. For… many reasons. One that I am still a little nervous when I so publicly proclaim We.Are.Homeschoolers. Secondly, I am such a new homeschooler that a all I can offer is what we are doing, and has worked so far, but ‘so far’ is only a year […]

5 Tips for Making Grey Days your Best Days.

Washington is well known for it’s rain. The  locals camps seem to fall in two spaces;  “yes! Grey rain! I’ll cuddle in and be productive today!” and “OMG ANOTHER DAY OF RAIN TURN IT OFF.” Here are a few ways I embrace being the former, and try to cultivate that grey=productive mentality that so many […]

Dear Mama of a School Aged Child, October is here.

  I know we thought we would hit this age and magically it would be easier. We wouldn’t be as sleep deprived, our kids would communicate and tell us when they needed to pee and eat and to hold them when they’re sad. Bedtime wouldn’t be (so) laborious, and the idea of waiting would make […]

Making Whole Foods Easier

We’re almost two years into our Whole Foods and Paleo food lifestyle, and it’s easy to now take it for granted and feel like it’s “easy” but the reality is that it took the better part of a year for me to really find my groove, favorite recipes, and where to cut corners vs. where […]