Vital Proteins!

I’ve been using Vital Proteins for over a year now and have tried most all of their products. I want to walk you through their most popular products, what I like about them, what I don’t, how I use them, and what benefits I’ve seen. Starting with my favorite’s! {As a quick note; I don’t get […]

Lifestyle, Style. 8 Ways to Have a More Active Life!

My natural activity barometer leans more in the ‘cozy-snuggle-lethargic’ rather then the ‘take the stairs, always moving. I’ll go grab that runaway ball!’. As such, it’s been a really conscious effort for me to not only rely on a 30 min workout, but realize that those have value and that having an active lifestyle is […]

The Moon Is Always Full-Northwest Yoga Conference 2017

We drove down the road, sleepy round eyed children peeking out the windows and the Full Moon hung giant in the 5am, winter sky. I felt nervous and excited, off to a full day of yoga, learning, and being surrounded by strangers that I knew would become community. The moon followed us down the road […]

Bright Pink Valentine! Banana Beet Collagen Smoothie <3

Valentines come with a big dose of heavy duty sweets, rich meals, and often a bit too much champagne. This smoothie is a lighter, kid friendly tidbit to toss into your week to keep on celebrating but feel fresh and bright at the same time. I just had this for a morning snack and it […]

Love Chocolate Bark, Two Ways!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! In typical fashion… I’ve got nothing planned. Today we’re cutting some hearts out of paper we already have and writing classmates’ names off a list I found online. So, you know, I’ve got it together! In case you are as behind as I chronically am…  This dessert is a favorite of […]

4 Face Masks to Celebrate Self Love and to Make for Yourself Today!

It’s Valentines week! And everything is pink, red, and amazing (I’ll have my own pink, red, and amazing recipe to share tomorrow!). In all that hubbub, and expense, expectation, and media flurry it’s easy to not feel very loved. But having some self-love techniques in your back pocket is an easy way to layer on […]

Marriage Mantra; Strive to Out-Serve

My husband and I have known each other since we were toddlers, our friendship really grew when we were 11, and we began dating when we were 17, married at 22. We did a lot of things wrong, but one of the (few) things we adopted that went very right, is a marriage mantra. A saying […]

Sweet Crunch Granola

This granola is full of all my favorite things. Clusters, nuts, small pieces (I don’t like to have to crunch  through a huge piece of… anything!) and dates. I make my nut’ola (paleo/whole30 granola!) most weeks, but this is a more budget friendly, sweeter version (but not Whole30), that I love on it’s own with milk, […]

20 Minute Solution. Connecting with your kids, a tidy home, and a growing yoga practice all in 20 minutes a day.

I’ve spent the better part of seven years telling my kids to clean up. Charlie and I are both people who need a clean space to feel productive, capable, and calm. Keeping our home relatively tidy is a high priority to us. To our kids however? Nah. When they play, they play deeply, imaginatively, and […]

Small Living; Making your spaces work for you.

Our home is relatively small (1,100 square feet, family of four with two pets). We have been in this cozy space for three years, and living in every configuration out there. Along the way I’ve found that the only real solution to us using our space well is to make sure that each space works double […]