About Me!

Welcome to Playing House Full Time! I am excited you’re here and want to share a bit about who I am, what I am about, and what you can glean from this site. Also, where else on this big internet you can find me and find ways to connect with support and information.

My number one goal on this site is to empower women to love and embrace their whole selves. I write and am passionate about whole foods, moving your body often and pleasurably, loving yourself where you are at, and undoing the cultural programming to look, act and be a certain way. I want to encourage healthy fitness, balanced eating, and a wholistic approach to radical self love.

I am first and foremost a Mama, and that has informed my every decision for the past 7 years. I stay at home with my two kiddos, and homeschool them with support from a sweet co-op style program.

On The Blog!

My food and fitness journey have been heartily focused on Paleo/Whole30 eating and cultivating an at home Yoga Practice. (you can read more about both by clicking those links). I share plenty of paleo and other Whole Food focused recipes, along with how to start your workout journey (yoga) (workouts), grow it, and stick with it when it starts to feel stale.

Some of my Top Posts!

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Where Else Can You Find Me?

My love affair with Whole30 all started on Instagram. I share my thoughts on food, fitness, and a casual food journal there. Check it out!

My Facebook page is active, highly engaged, and blows my mind because so many of the people in the community there have been on this self love/care, whole foods/fitness path with me for years. To connect with me there and maybe see a meme (or two) that makes you cry check me out on Facebook!

I am also a huge fan of Facebook Groups for support. I run a few and would love to have you there if they are the right fit for your goals.

Whole30 Ladies is a not dogmatic (no #whole30police here!) but very Whole30’centric space for support, getting questions answered, and lots of stories!

January Whole30 is a group (that rolls over monthly) to house a space for those actively Whole30’ing to have support from others right there in the trenches.

Strong and Free, Women Supporting Women is a group to talk fitness, support, body positive movement, and training schedules. This is a workout specific group to build up, without body shame, women on fitness journeys.

abundant30 is a group I started as a means of creating a counter to the “new year, new me” mentality. It’s a group with an intense focus on Radical Self Care/Love, undoing years of body hate, and focusing on an active and sustainable lifestyle and eating whole foods that fuel your body best. It will roll over each month, as a means of creating an intention-full 30 days to focus on your self, and what you need most from that month.

Video is my newest love, and it seems like the best way to talk about sensitive, or hot topics. Being able to hear someone’s voice, intent, and tone, is paramount to having successful dialog about big stuff. I am over on YouTube talking mostly about our lifestyle, self esteem journey, marriage, parenting, and how to balance all of that. Find us on YouTube!


My firecracker kiddos are 7 and (almost) 5, they are dynamic and so much fun. We spend the majority of our days doing science experiments, taking really splashy baths, and putting doll clothes away.

I’ve been married to my Sunday school sweet heart (what? We’ve known each other since we were two! You can watch us tell the story, here.), that cutie, for the past 9 years and together for 13 (!). He is a woodworking (check out his work here and here), puzzle loving, defeats me at all games… person. And the love of my life.

I love to connect with other writers, readers, and people looking for support. I also love working with brands who build women up, and would love to work and collaborate with you. You can email me at autumnmeyer25@gmail.com to chat rates, availability, and goals.

Thank you so much for visiting!