at home. {Five Things I Didn’t Expect in the Home Buying Process}

Something clicked this last week. We would walk in the door and both kinda smile to each other. I would hang things on walls and not second guess it. I would move around chairs and benches and mirrors without a second thought, because I knew where they went. This past week I didn’t think much about our old house or how cute the front yard was, or how warm the stoop was after the sun went down. This week I reveled in home and all the security that comes with it.

I feel like our feet are under us and we are finally finding our love for this home that we had upon the first walk through. The tumult of buying is over and behind us far enough, the project list is out of the OMG CHANGE THAT ASAP space, and we’ve hosted friends here enough to feel like this is home to them now too. But now I can finally reflect a second. And wanted to lift the veil on home buying for a moment; It’s not what HGTV made me believe it was!


Five Things I Didn’t Expect in the Home Buying Process;

1. The secrecy! Putting in an offer is a big deal! But sharing it around early? And then having it fall through? Heartbreak. We only kept a small circle of friends/family in the loop until we felt *kindasorta* sure, and even then it was pretty early to share our info (uh, on here!) and it ¬†might have all fallen through. Most people take the pregnancy approach and keep it all pretty quiet till they are sure the house will stick. It surprised me how much we were urged and how much we felt like this wasn’t okay to put out in the world until we had keys in hand. I clung to the words from a friend and blog reader (read her amazing words here!) of “This or something Better.” and those got me through a whole lotta fears.

2. To cry. So much. I am a crier, so it shouldn’t be surprising that when we sent in our “offer paperwork” and when we got the “keys call” I was a wreck. But I didn’t realize all the tear opportunities in between! Like; Running your credit and finding you pretty much financially don’t exist (uh, I guess there is a downside to having no debt :/) and having to change all.the.plans. Or crying every time you hear your email alert go off, because ¬†MAYBE WE GOT THE HOUSE?!

3. To feel uncertain until the very very end. Even if it is “certain”. Because of the program we bought through, it wasn’t a bidding war or negotiations that were tenuous, it was just waiting to ‘be sure’. The papers had to be gone over and over (and over twice again) by underwriting, and the loan officers, and on and on. We *knew* that there was nothing that would give them pause, or that made us not great candidates, but I still spent lots of sleepless nights wondering what they would find combing our (stupidly simple and empty) bank statements. I think the inherent limbo in waiting for someone to give you a stamp of approval is just hard and restless.

4. How slow slow slow it feels while you wait and then how LIGHTING fast it is once you “know”. Suddenly you go from hazy timelines, and maybe we can have a garden in our new home, to THIS IS IT COME SIGN TODAY! and “here are your keys! welcome home!” and then you still have to pack/move/clean/unpack/clean/arrange/organize/arrange again/yougetthepicture (it’s still going).

5. That your new home, even though you bought it because it is better than where you were and even though it is now “yours”, won’t feel like home right off the bat. The taco truck dinners, pizza takeout on paper plates, and champagne in a coffee mug is charming and sweet, but not quite home. It took us a good two months, this past week!, to really get that :sigh: this is ours, feeling.


But now, we are sitting in that sweet spot (for DIY fanatics) of a nice long list of stuff we want to accomplish. But in a home with photos on the walls, furniture in nice functioning spaces, and friends knowing where we are without needing our address. We are home.



  1. We are closing on our home on May 16 and these words are all SO TRUE!! I Am in the slow, slow, slow time right now where I wish so much I could do things to “our home” BUT it’s not really ours yet!!

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