So fresh and so clean! My home/body/laundry master list of recipes!


I heard, about five years ago, someone say “if you wouldn’t put it in your body, don’t put it on your body.” it hit home, stuck in my head, but didn’t bring about much change. Till we had a baby… after having Nolie I started to really consider what I was using on her/me and around our house. I knew she would crawl/get into stuff and put her mouth on every single thing… and I felt like it was really time to change. I started with homemade laundry detergent, that quickly led me to home made spray cleaners, and finally into no-poo hair care, body scrubs, and lotions. We kind of jumped ship quick! And haven’t looked back! Since then we’ve gotten even deeper and don’t do no-poo anymore, but just use hot hot water and scrub well daily. All of our hair has never been healthier! I want to quickly share our go-to family recipes for around our home.

A bottle of Dr.Bronners still finds it’s way in (it seems to be the only way to really get extra virgin coconut oil out of hair, or greek yogurt for that matter πŸ˜‰ ) and brings us many bubble baths, and I buy Mrs.Meyer house cleaner spray here and there because the marketing has won me over. But about 90% of the time we are using wholly homemade cleaners for our home, clothes, and bodies. And loving it! And? LOVING the Β money we save!


For Home:

I use a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half water for nearly everything! I have a few bottles and add different essential oils to each one depending on where I use it most. For the kitchen I typically make satsuma vinegar (I put orange peels/satsuma peels into a glass jar filled with vinegar, I let it sit for about ten days. Don’t worry! It won’t mold! and then strain out the peels and use that as my kitchen vinegar.) and mix it with half water and use that for my countertops/kitchen table/stove/highchair/sink. When my sink gets extra rank I do a sprinkle of baking soda all over it and then spray my vinegar (Nolie and Evie LOVE to watch it bubble up!) and give it a quick scrub and then lots of water to wash/rinse it off. It will shine after!

For the bathroom, I mix half vinegar and half water with a few drops of tea tree oil (available at most natural food store, or for pretty cheap even at Trader Joe’s!). That helps keep bugs away, is a natural way of making your bathroom smell stellar, and is a natural antimicrobial. But keep it up and away because when drank straight (as opposed to diluted a few drops in water/vinegar) it is unsafe.

For the Tub/Toilet, I have found the BEST mix is one cup white vinegar, one cup hot (from the tap) water, and a few drops of Dawn Dish Soap. Shake it up, spray into tub/toilet and give it a little scrub. It works wonders!

For Laundry I mix equal parts borax and baking (or washing) soda and then half that amount of biokleen or oxyclean. (for example, one cup baking soda, one cup borax, 1/2cup bio/oxy) and then use one Tbs. per load in my washing machine. I’ve been using that recipe for four years and it has never gone wrong! It is SO CHEAP.


For Exterior doors/windows I keep a spray bottle of water with lemon oil in it. Evidently spiders don’t like lemon. And I REALLY don’t like spiders. So I spray around all opening windows and doors a few times a week during the summer. It also brings a really nice fresh scent to our house.

Window Washing, we go old school here with straight vinegar and newspaper! Just like your Mom and Grandma did πŸ˜‰ I will say though, I do love and miss windex. It’s possibly my one holdover with the whole natural home stuff, I miss it like whoa.


For Body:

For Hair, we used to be “no-poo” and use a mixture of baking soda/water for washing and then a dilution of Apple Cider Viengar (ACV) and water for conditioning. I still use ACV here and here if my hair feels a little coarse, but not often at all (maybe once every two months?). Otherwise I am going on two years of nothing and Charlie just broke over six months. Both of us had fairly long “adjustment” periods where our hairs oils balanced back out, and looked pretty ugly for a bit. For me it was just a couple weeks, for Charlie it was almost a month. He works a hard labor job, gets sweaty often, and struggled with not great skin. Since moving to just hot water washing his skin has cleared up considerably and his hair is healthier and less greasy than before! So, for hair, the recipe is hot hot water (as hot as you can stand is what I do, Charlie and the girl do theirs considerably less) and scrub it pretty hard (to redistribute the oils that are there) and that’s all. I do a little rub of tea tree oil along the nape and behind the ears when I think of it just so that we all smell a little extra fresh and because I am a bug worried freak, but that’s just preference and totally not necessary.

For Body Cleaning, Charlie is a big fan of the Dr.Bronner bar soap. The girls love bubbles so we put Dr.Bronners liquid soap into their baths pretty often too. I use baking soda and salt scrubs. My go-to, everyday, scrub is equal parts sugar and salt, a big drizzle of honey, and some eucalyptus oil (a drop or so). I use that to scrub my whole body and it leaves me smelling amazing and being super smooth. Nolie and Ever also love scrubs and epsom salts too so those get a lot of use. On a day when I know I am going to be cleaning my tub anyhow I will also use my coffee grounds as a body scrub too, evidently it’s great for circulation and can help lessen the look of cellulite even, crazy! I mix them (coffee grounds) with either a little melted coconut oil or olive oil and use them on my legs before I shave.

Shaving! I do shave, despite all the other hippie sounding tendencies πŸ˜‰ I use a tiny bit of coconut oil on my legs in the shower (we keep a jar in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, and bedroom) and then shave and rinse the razor very well (EVCO can kinda build up if you don’t!).

Body Lotion, I use plain coconut oil on my whole body as a lotion/moisturizer. It smells amazing, melts on contact, and absorbs into your skin really quickly. I put only a tiny bit on my face/mainly just lips because I have naturally pretty oily skin on my face. But I lather it on the rest of me! You could melt it ahead of time and add an essential oil to if it you wanted more of a scent (almond or lavender would be amazing!) but I never get around to doing that.

Face, I use one tbs baking soda and two tbs milk on my face really often as a wash/scrub and it cleans really well. I also use an egg white all whisked together and applied to my nose like a mask for black heads. Another frequent one around here is oatmeal/honey/sugar as a scrub/mask for long baths or “beauty parlor” with the girls. They especially love that one because it tastes good too!


For the Girls:

Here’s the beauty… nothing any different that what I use on anyone else. We all just do hot water scrubs for hair, use coconut oil for lotion, and it also works great for diaper rashes too πŸ˜‰

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section or on my Facebook page! I’ll try to respond promptly!


  1. I love this post, thanks for sharing all this great info.

    I too only use ACV and baking soda mixtures for most of my personal hygeine rountine. Extra benefit is baking soda is a natural drain declogger which I definitely don’t mind in the shower. πŸ™‚ I still experience breakouts every once in a while but have found that brewing peppermint green tea amd subsituting it for water when I wash my face once a week really helps. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for all the great info πŸ™‚ We use coconut oil for everything too. We also use Dr Bronners castile soap for pretty much everything. My girlfriend and her family own the company and she gave me a list of “how to use” for every general purpose cleaning I come across from dishwasher to laundry. Love catching up on your little family.

  3. Funny, I don’t think we’ve discussed all this natural stuff that much be we both have ended up in the same place…our house runs pretty much exactly the same πŸ™‚ though my dirty little secret is a bottle of windex that I use on my mirrors every couple of weeks and a toilet bowel cleaner with bleach in it that I use once a month or so…I just can’t seem to give those two up!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Great post, thank you for taking the time to put all of this in one place. You inspired my transition to natural DIY household and beauty products, and after reading this I have a few more to add to my list!

  5. I use vinegar for everything but windows. I just can’t do it. I LOVE Method’s glass cleaner. It smells like peppermint, and I never have any desire to go back to Windex. Ever.

  6. I’m getting back to DIY household cleaners after briefly reconnecting with my old love, Method.

    For body care, I love Dr. Bronner’s for everything. And coconut oil. And jojoba oil. Hair is the one area where I really struggle with any sort of alternative cleaning solutions, though. I was “no ‘poo” for a while, but I gave up because after about six months, my scalp was still unhappy.
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  7. Autumn, I don’t know if you remember me, but I am a friend of Summer’s from Gutenberg, and I have lurked on your blog for quite some time πŸ™‚ I am de-lurking today to tell you thank you for this simple list of solutions. Our current financial situation is “adventurous” and these ideas have really helped me put together a livable, natural cleaning plan. Shampoo is my only hang-up so far, but I have found a reasonably priced natural shampoo. I’m even using coconut oil on my face!

    As spring approaches I would love to know if you use anything for sunscreen.

    Also, I just linked to this post for a FB friend – I think it will help her. Thanks again! You have such a sweet little family (go for three!)

  8. This for sharing, I love this. What do you use for clothing stains?

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