Weekend Laundry List

This weekend I vowed to get ahead. Since Charlie started his new job our little home has seen some changes, the two most notable are NO PAPA ALL DAY and A bigger pay check! The end result of those? Exhausted Mama, and Papa who wants to treat us all.the.time. So, the eating out commenced. And it felt good! And it tasted good! For a bit… but after a bit? The pants are tight(er), the changes aren’t getting really accustomed to or grown into and instead they are getting a big (greasy, cheesy, local, delish) bandaid put on them. So this weekend it came time for Big Talks, bandaids pulled, and healthy choices again.

On Friday I went for a great run with new friends and we killed it! Okay, okay, it was slow and we walked a bit. But we got out there and did it! Even though it was friday and we easily could have played our ‘mom card!’ and phoned in dinner and ate some chocolate while whining about our weeks… but instead we Ran! And then I went to town on prepping for the coming week. I made a meal plan (relying heavily on two books, Feeding the Whole Family and Whole Life Nutrition), and planned for Dairy Free dinners (and gluten light) all week. We grocery shopped. We made breakfasts ahead of time (Overnight oats! Do it!) and grab-able lunches (Mediterranean Quinoa Salad and homemade bean and chèvre burritos), and a big batch of refried beans (well, really they are just mashed beans but they taste the same!) for dinners and quick lunches for the little ladies and I at home. Then I made a tasty concoction that is a perfect “creamer” for my morning coffee and then pulled the trigger…

Ten days of yoga. Yes, again. Last time I did it I felt incredible by the end. Stronger, more nimble, more able to be quiet and still without that beast on my back telling me ‘not enough’, ‘fat’, ‘you can’t do it’. But then I came to the end of the ten days…and one day off turned into a week, and the beast got bigger again. So I am back on the wagon, this time some friends are going to play along to! Check it out on my facebook page, and on Instagram with the #tendaysofyoga and #yogaformama I would love to have more buddies doing this. The accountability is SO good and motivating! I’ll be writing more about where I’ve gotten to with this beast and those words, but it’s all a little too tender for now. I’m hoping to come at it with a renewed confidence after some good hard sweaty yoga.

Anyhow! I wanted to share two of my meal prep recipes and I’ll post another one for you tomorrow!

1003049_397197070380039_2074574728_n-1The rundown: Yogurt Containers; filled with homemade slow cooked beans, yellow bottomed jars are overnight oats, big jars are quinoa salad, bag underneath are grab-n-go burritos, crisp for dessert last night, and then some snacks to get through the week! And sparkling water, because topping fresh made ABC juice with that is SO good (apple, beet, carrot.)!

Over Night Oats:

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup milk (I use almond, but any kind would work, or you could use yogurt)

Flavors! In this batch I used a big spoon full of homemade apple sauce and black berry jam. But some other favorites around these parts are frozen fruit and honey, sliced banana and peanut butter, mango and coconut flakes (great with coconut cream or milk in it too), and good old brown sugar and cinnamon.

Mix it all together, seal, and let it sit over night (but will keep for about five days in the fridge). It’s an easy one to take on the go, eat in the car, or a morning walk. YUM

Dairy Free/ Soy Free Creamer:

One can Coconut Cream (or, full fat coconut milk without the water on the bottom)

Two Tbs coconut oil

1 (or more if you like it sweet!) Tbs Honey

1 Tsp Vanilla

(and I put in a few big shakes of cinnamon too)

Puree it all together (blender works best, or immersion blender) and refrigerate it over night. YUM. Scoop into your coffee and enjoy!


  1. I love your blog and am excited to try these recipes. One question: I assume you then heat the overnight oats in the morning?!

    • Amy, I don’t! I like them cold (and so does the rest of the fam) but you could for sure warm them up too 🙂

  2. What are you putting in your wraps?

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