Tandem Nursing; Then (then) and now. {Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Week!}

The girls are so different. Fire and Water, spunk and calm. But when they nurse they entwine fingers, share milky smiles, and Nolie rubs Ever’s back in a way that makes my heart soar. They are two sides of the same coin and share these round doe eyes that give me that look. The one that every Mama knows, the eyes that are so safe and filled, that look that makes my heart slow, my milk pour, and remind me that when I am holding and nourishing these two… everything is right in this world.

I have written about it my nursing relationship(s) here and there { tandem nursing FAQnursing a two year old, and our (baby) breast feeding success story from when Nolie was a wee one), and it really blows my mind that we are *still* nursing. My feelings about breastfeeding Nolie have ebbed and flowed, and I should post an update about what self-weaning looks like and nursing a preschooler(!), and maybe during this month of awareness I will get to it! But for now, I am reveling in how much I am enjoying this phase. Honoring where we are at in this dance, and feeling so much pride and praise for what nursing gives me and my daughters in our every day life.



971921_10100584073783510_1725406942_nI can hardly believe I have been tandem nursing these girls for 15mo. I can say, (hope!) for anyone who is looking at the tandem nursing journey or thinking about embarking on it. It gets better and easier every day! And the benefits have far outweighed the struggles for our little family.

August is World Breastfeeding Awareness month and I plan to participate fully! Check out  my facebook page for lots of pictures of our nursing adventures and looking back on how the relationships have evolved. There are lots of encouraging stories, incredible photos, and really incredible information about nursing floating around facebook and instagram right now (check out the hashtag #normalizenursing #tandemnursing #extendedbreastfeeding ) and be inspired! Happy Nursing!




  1. I have done extended breastfeeding with all three of my kids, and always intended to tandem nurse. I wanted to tandem nurse, but both my older kids weaned on their own before the next one arrived. My youngest is now 2.5, and we are still growing strong. She’s my last baby (not by choice) and I am determined to enjoy every last moment. 🙂 You are an awesome mama!

  2. I am so happy you shared these photos! My.daughter is 6.5 months old (still exclusively breast-fed) and I plan on having her self-wean. I am expecting my second baby already and have been intimidated by the prospect of tandem nursing. You have portrayed it so beautifully and now I am actually looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Hello my question doesn’t Have to do so much with tandem Nursing As It Does hind and Foremilk. I have been reading through all of your nursing blogs and I’m wondering what your take is on this. My baby #3 is 10 weeks old and since she was born she basically nurses on each side for about five minutes. This was weird to me because my two older daughters would do each side about 20 minutes. Both of midwife and the doctor said not to worry about it since she is gaining weight very well. But we had really bad colic type issues and my sister said it was because she wasn’t getting enough hindmilk. That it would be better to just do one breast for each session of nursing. So I have been doing that for at least three or four weeks now and she doesn’t cry as often or have gas pains as bad but I am always lopsided or one breasts will be engorged and have to pump it. What is your opinion about hindmilk and for milk?

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