Small House Dwelling- tips on space saving and decorating

The four of us bump up against each other, overlap, and rub elbows in 706square feet. We have lived in this house for a couple years now and the tininess of our home is hardly noticeable from june to october, we basically live outside! But in those cooler months the walls close in a bit and space is a commodity in the biggest way. A few tricks I have found to loving our tiny home is that everything needs to function, no junk can be accumulated, and a twenty minute clean up can go a LONG way to loving your space.

1005427_10100564646091760_1513995336_nWe live in Every.Single.Inch of this home so most rooms have multiple uses. For example, our dining room is where we eat/do art/watch TV/read books/hangout while dinner gets made. So having that blue cart works for a lot of reasons. It holds extra art supplies during the day and serves as a drying rack for paint projects, it also often holds our desktop computer (that doubles as our TV) and Nolie can cuddle up in that chair and watch a show while Ever naps and I clean up the kitchen (just through that entry to the left), having the computer on that cart means that I can also move it over to the couch area so that we can all get cozy to watch a movie together, or for late night (all night) nursing sessions with a teething sad babe. And, during parties or play-dates I use that cart as a space for extra napkins/plates/cups/silverware and can even roll it right outside!


Our living room is the errrrything space. I host a lot of play-dates and if we are inside, that is the room that gets the action. Witch is surprising because we don’t have many toys. Another huge lesson in Small House Dwelling is Edit, Edit, Edit. We have one basket of toys in the living room, total. That way clean up is super quick, toys are picked pretty thoughtfully, and otherwise we just stock up on books! (So.Many.Books.)


We keep the tee-pee folded up with a big pile of blankets and near some books so that we can open it up and use it as a cozy space for the girls to play/peek/have some alone time if they like. But otherwise it stays stowed away. There are spaces for books to get put away, lots of mirrors to open up and brighten our space, and lots of pictures and family art work up and around. I think a huge way to decorate quickly,  personally, and beautifully is to fill your walls with photos! My kids are the best work I have ever been a part of, so of course I would want to put their photos up all over!



Another great thing about tiny home living is that you can store and swap out furniture and rugs often. I have a major rug problem and always.want.more. (in fact, I have my eye on two new ones from Ikea that I am saving up for!). In the cold months we put down a big cozy high pile chocolate brown rug, but I like these easy to care for bright fun ones for Summertime.

Another room in our house that serves triple duty is our bedroom. Not only is is our space for sleep, but it’s also our nursery/changing room, and “office”.



But, here’s the sweet treat! Babies don’t need a nursery (just boobs in a bed) or a changing table (just a soft place to lay) so all that is covered with one homemade pallet bed. That way it isn’t so tall and Ever can easily climb (safely) on and off when she’s done napping.

1000722_10100564660248390_1671652490_nCharlie built me this sweet little desk a few weeks back and whenever I can get a break I set up the computer here and blog from this tiny little office space. It easily holds a little lamp for night time, our computer, and camera for uploads (though, photographing a small house with a 50MM is impossible, so it’s all iphone all the way with this post). It is a nice space saver since it’s trim and wall mounted, and works as a “school” spot for Nolie during the day when she wants to be up and away from Evie and do “my letter writing work.”

Our tiny home fits our needs just right (for now) and I love figuring out the in’s and out’s of arranging and decorating it. I am always changing the art, furniture, and color’s. I ‘ll never be done! And, on that note, did you notice I already changed the bench to have no yellow? Yeah, it moves that fast.

Anyone else a Tiny Home Dweller? Do you want to be? Choose it? Or just where you ended up… I want to hear all about it!


  1. So impressive! I have what I consider to be a small home (about 1100 sq feet) but that sounds like a mansion compared to yours! However, one thing I just cannot do is share a room with my kiddos. I did it for the first 3-ish months and we all sleep better separately. I have tons of friends moving to huge houses lately and this is a good reminder that I don’t *need* anything more than what I have now! (although I do think that we will all *want* 2 bathrooms when the kids are teenagers!!)
    Erin recently posted..Showing off the Twin CitiesMy Profile

    • Yeah, we are certainly not opposed to the idea of a bigger home (and two bathrooms?! oh to dream!) but for now it’s really nice to be able to clean the house top to bottom in an hour flat- my ‘big home’ dwelling friends can’t boast that!

  2. Yes, we have a 900 sq. foot home. We love it..except when family comes to visit. I like having to clean every cupboard/closet out frequently. We have a spacious kitchen, but just one bathroom/2 bedrooms.

    • Yeah, family visiting is super hard on us too. My dream would be to have a guest bedroom, but for now we just host most people in the summer and do the visiting in the winter 🙂

  3. You have such an adorable house. I always think so when I see glimpses of it on instagram. I totally agree with everything you say about living in a little house. Minimal toys in the main living area is key. And I personally always have a place for them to “hide” so in the evening it becomes a bit of an oasis, rather than looking like you are sitting in the middle of a play room. We lived in 650sq/ft until 2 years ago. We then upgraded to 1300 sq/ft and honestly we don’t want anything bigger. I can’t imagine it. The nice thing about living in small spaces is you are forced to always pair down, it saves you money as you aren’t buying crap all the time and it saves you money because I can only imagine the heat/ac bill on those ginormious houses people are buying these days. And then to think about cleaning all that space.
    Jessica G. recently posted..28/53My Profile

    • Jessica, the need to pair down and purge because our garage is totally my dirty little secret. 1300 sounds just about perfect, enough room to take some space to breath (even in the winter!) but not so huge that paying/managing it would be a pain. I’m so glad that our heat bill is never higher than $50!

  4. This is so great! Kudos to you guys for making it work, I love it! I’m wondering where you got your tee pee from? You see, I have my childhood tee-pee that was made for me by a friend…and it’s the EXACT SAME THING. SAME RAINBOW FABRIC…with green on the sides. Instead of pink fabric going up the poles, it’s purple. The wood is the exact same…so is the window cut out and trim? CREEPY!!!
    Emily @ Peck Life recently posted..Floral SurroundingsMy Profile

    • That is crazy! This one is old old old (like, 10+ if not quite a lot more) from my parents house. I *think* they got it at Pike Place Market 🙂

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