Unexpected Gifts

We held hands, we kissed too much, we got the perfect hot drinks. We ran and talked, we went miles further than he has in ages, we were playful. We are best friends, and remembering that amidst the morning nursing sessions, all night needs, oatmeal cooking, dinner planning, babies on our backs, nap shuffling, and meeting a thousand needs a day that aren’t our own… we are still the best of friends. Better friends in fact, than ever before.


It is so wonderful to remember that I love Charlie. Not just him as a husband, or a partner, or a Papa. But Charlie. Mathy, nerdy, awkward, gentlemen, always growing, romantic, Charlie. The man who asks me how I am, and then waits, waits out the ” I am fine…” and waits, silent, not filling the space with his thoughts. He waits, to know me.


{Thanks to my awesome parents who struck the golden weekend.¬†On Wednesday night my Mom called and said “we miss you. What are your plans this weekend?” and, we miss them too, so much. And better than that? This past weekend was one of our only free weekends in the next two months. }


  1. Love this! And I love that picture of the two of you. The happiness in it overflowed and made me smile.
    Jessica G. recently posted..09/52My Profile

  2. Shaloma says:

    This is so wonderful! What a beautiful relationship you have.

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