spring is peeking.

The sun is streaming through the windows and our back yard is waking up to spring. The swings are swaying, the flags on the playhouse are blowing about, and A little nose is pressed to the window. The dust and mud on our floor is highlighted in the sunlight, the music is playing louder, and the door is thrown wide to the wind. Blow the sickness out. I am bouncing to the sounds of elizabeth mitchell and hearing little feet stomping.

I am a reluctant sun lover. Rain is my first love but children have shaped me into a ‘good’ weather worshiper. This Spring Ever will toddle in the long grass, get soaked with rain and dew, and have to figure out turn taking with the swing set. This spring Nolie will plant (more) seeds, pull up old bulbs, and eat mint fresh from the lawn. I will grow stronger from mowing, tanned from the overcast, and rich in vitamin D.

I am so excited.


I am also toying with a tech free week, next week, am I crazy? We need a fresh start after this sick week. Have you ever gone tech free, 100% (phones, computer, all of it). How did it work?


  1. I never loved Spring until I moved to the Pacific Northwest. But I am SO READY to open all the windows, bust out the vinegar and lavender Dr. Bronner’s and spring-clean the living daylights out of everything!

    I’ve done tech-free days (sometimes by accident), and I like them. I think it helps that I don’t have a cell phone, though!
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