Sometimes you just have to get out and play together.

Best way to fall back in love with you family? Get outside and do something active.

We headed up to Mt. Baker and couldn’t find the playing/sledding area so we just carved out our own fun in the back part of the parking lot by the lodge, and it was just right! Hills to climb and fall down, space for snow angels, and tiny snowman building. Soon as I figure out how to upload pictures from my phone onto my computer, you will be inundated again with fun snow pictures. For now, here are some snapshots of our day!


Beautiful drive up with a sleeping baby and chatty big girl.


Exploring and “snow flake ball” building. I can’t believe that last year she sobbed in the snow, wouldn’t sled, and was scared of “cold white yuck” and this year she couldn’t get enough.


Ever enjoyed the snow too.


Navigating the slippery slopes together.


Getting ready to hike around with baby on the front and big girl on the back. Baby carriers are our saving grace.


Packing the sleepy Nolie all around. This was an incredibly fun way to get a workout. We will for sure be heading up there again before the season ends! And, Nolie was so intrigued by the snowboarders, we are thinking of saving up and getting her an hour lesson with Charlie! Having a full blown toddler is SO much fun!

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