Because gingerbread houses fall down. And Mamas get tired before we make it to see the Christmas lights. Babies cry even when you have made the perfect meal. And teeth start to ache at the worst times. Sometimes you don’t get to sleep very much and the coffee gets cold, or you want so badly to have a moment alone and it just isn’t in the cards. But, in all of that, there is goodness. There are little girls who want to give kisses and eat all the candy even if the house falls down, and tell stories, and sing songs, and try to walk, and fall down so cutely on a ┬ábig clothe diapered bum. There is a husband just begging to be kissed, and moments to slow down and squeeze-hug-harder just because it feels good and is good, and not because you should and certainly not because you have the time to do it. But, just because.

It is easy for me to come at things and see only the pieces that failed.The Christmas dinner that never got made, the alone time to cuddle up that never happened, the house cleaning that has been sorely neglected. But even in the failures (even the really big whole day ruined types) there is so much good. There is a list of thankfuls just waiting to be written. There are prayers of gratitude that should be falling from my lips. And there are big eyed babies just aching to be cuddled, always, and that is the good.

Wishing you a Merry day. No matter how it was on the surface, when slowed down, there is good. Even if the good is only now, sitting quietly alone while you children sleep, knowing that tomorrow you can brew the coffee hot (slept or not) and look out the window a moment longer, or squeeze-hug-harder just one more time before you leave. There is some good.

And, for what it is worth, my Christmas Day flaws and all was just right.602861_10100378163115140_788182055_n


  1. Good for you for focusing on what succeeded instead of what failed. That’s a reminder I need, especially at Christmas. This year I was late with just about everything, but I did what I could and found the humor (mostly) when I couldn’t. I appreciate your gratitude reminder!

  2. You always have such a good perspective, Autumn. I know you write about how you get frustrated or brought down at some points but the fact that you time and time again find this center that most of us are struggling to see just once is truly a testament to your grace and wisdom. Merry Christmas!
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