One of my resolutions for the new year is to be more bold. To just get over myself and do things. Be that wearing something ridiculous that I just love or speaking up when it would be easier to be quiet.

Sometimes I let my insecurities get in the way of having fun. Even just with dumb stuff. Today we had a snow day (if you follow me on twitter @autinejoy or on instagram ( playinghousefulltime ) you already have seen/heard a lot about our adventure day) and while we were hiking around and climbing through drifts we found a big drop off hill perfect for jumping down. Charlie leapt and grinned, fell and climbed right back up. I however didn’t want to look dumb, didn’t want to look out of shape (when I inevitably wheezed up the hill) and didn’t want to feel/look fat while schlepping myself back to solid ground. But, I decided to just do it. To put my dumb insecurities and worries aside, and just leap.

And it was a blast. And exhausting. But mainly just really wonderful.


Here is to leaping!


  1. You look great! Your resolution is one of mine also for this coming year. Cheers to us 🙂


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