I have made lots of new dinners, desserts, and all different combinations of overnight oats. I have found easy organization solutions, inspiration for cheapy home makeover ideas, and lots of gorgeous home decor pictures to just be inspired by. I also came across a TON of re-upholstery projects and felt inspired!

Pintrest gets a lot of bad press for making Mom’s feel inadequate. But I, unabashedly , love it. I look at it and feel inspired, reminded of all the things I can do at home and not buy, and (more often than not) a little hungry. I still use cookbooks. I still call my Mom for advice on how to make the best cookies I can. I pass some pins by because I just don’t have the time or motivation to do them. But I don’t feel bad, I like having a way to organize my ideas and be easily inspired. I love pintrest.

This project didn’t take too much time or tools. Charlie and I worked together, he disassembled the chair and we recovered  it without too much fuss. It is certainly homemade, and might not last quite as long as a factory made chair would, but I love it. Little wrinkles aside; It is cozy and cute,

We found the chair at a garage sale for $5 and the fabric was a gift from my Mom and Dad (from Ikea!).

My book and I are planning to cozy up there this evening. And after I make a little book headway, I will likely start pinning away some new projects. . .


  1. I love your blog, and I read all the time. I rarely comment but only because I get lazy about commenting.
    I love Pinterest for the same reasons you mentioned. I try very hard to pin things that I know I want to try, not things that will make me feel inadequate. Honestly it’s the only form of social media that I’m mildly good at.
    That chair is fantastic. My son is redoing a chair with my dad. It’s so cool to see the transformation. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I suck at following directions so any diy doesn’t work out for me. All those words! 😉

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  3. Very cute chair though! I have to remember that fabric.

  4. I love that chair!!! You guys are so creative (and productive!)

  5. Kaylie, I read a bunch of DIY tutorials to get an idea but never followed a single one! We just winged it and it worked well enough, ack!

  6. Awesome!
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