refill please.

Charlie snapped these pictures today and I know they are the forever kind. The ones I will pull up and look at and just cry. This time is so hard and so sweet. Ever is busy. Crawling all over the place, getting into everything, and very particular. Nolie is on the cusp of three and also so busy. Reading, running, painting, talking, and askingaskingasking about everything. Often times by the end of the night I feel like I am poured fully out. Between the constant steam of questions, very little impulse control, big HUGE feelings, nursing endlessly, holding a baby who only naps on me, and talking through huge decisions with my husband. . . I feel empty.

These are the type of pictures that refill. That remind. That hold it all in one frame. The love in the photo, the obvious level of comfort that all three of the subjects have with the photographer, and the reality of it- nursing, cuddling, holding, filled and over flowing.

Ever’s eyes light up, (yes) even brighter, when she see’s her sister. She makes this wonderful gut-laugh-sound that bring all of us together. Nolie holds her, kisses her, absentmindedly rubs her head; Loves her without instruction or trying.

From birth they have shared me, nursed at the same time, waited for each other and been given access to one another. We don’t have a swing/bouncer/playyard/etc. Ever is on the floor with Nolie. They interact and are learning to dance together. Now that Ever is mobile we are coming across new obstacles (Nolie loves to collect tiny things, great timing) and conversations, but still- they play. Cuddle. Love.

My girls. My hope that they grow into foreverfriends, sisters, bonded in every way. I love them, I love my dreams for them. And I love the today reality of their  love.

I will look at these in the poured out hard times.


And then, for posterities sake, there are these pictures. The ones taken moments after your sister hugs you a little too tight. It can’t all be roses, right?


  1. Beautiful!! I have sooooooooo many photos like that last one 😉
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  2. The last photo kills me! Your girls are adorable.

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