SOS- Halloween!

We ended up being two rosies, one nerd, and a toddler with lipstick. Nolie, ever the toddler (as well she should be), had a blast getting ready (changing costumes three times minnie mouse- ballerina- rosie the riveter) and then melted down and decided she was much more comfortable in her jeans and t-shirt. Ah, oh well. We have many Halloweens to comes!

What are your plans? Do you trick or treat (like, door to door?)? Do you trunk or treat, down town treat, ┬áharvest party or. . . nada? We will likely downtown treat this year and Charlie and Nolie (as Waldo and … who knows?) will go to a Harvest Party in the evening (Ever is an early to bed baby so I will party by myself handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, kinda psyched.). I have SO many fond memories of Halloween growing up and am so excited to celebrate with our little ladies each year! Costumes, trick or treating, it is all just So Fun!

and then the reality shot. . .

I am thinking Rosie probably nursed during her off hours too.

first time wearing make up. (and Papa says never again!)

I couldn’t love this big girl more.

Sweet nerdy Papa ;)

me, my girls, and my gnome.

Happiest Halloween.

Linking up here with Harper’s Happenings, Happy 4th birthday you old lady!

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