This has been a really rough season and a particularly hard week. Each day it looks a little darker. But once I retreat into that hole-of-dark I stop looking for the light. And there is a lot of light.

Today Nolie (wholly unprompted) apologized to her friend, he apologized to her and they hugged and played so well and with so much love. And it felt like All The Work that seems too unending and unrewarding… it was worth that moment. All the talking it thorough, letting her direct herself, explaining how I feel and giving her the responsibility and the time to come to her own feelings without prompting, it felt so worth that moment. That was light.

Ever holding hands with her baby friend. That was light.

Food on my front porch more times than I can count from friends who know, get it, and have been there. That was light.

Charlie holding me, answering his phone always, taking time off for sick kids, hearing me- really hearing me. That is light.

A God who lets stuff get hard but never forgets, never turns away and is here and in this moment and all the dark ones too. He is light.



  1. Beautiful post with so much perspective in it. And perspective is good, yet so hard to get when I need it most.

    When I looked at that first picture, I thought it was Nolie, but then realized that little person was far to little to be her, so it must be Ever. I guess from that angle, they looked a lot alike to me.
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  2. Hello, I’ve just clicked over here for the first time. So good to be able to see some light in there somehwere! I’m off to look up that unconditional parenting dvd you recommended. Kellie xx

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