Charlie and I believe in baby dedication, but won’t ever choose baptism for our girls. We hope that they find their love and refuge in God and love Him but we are well aware that we can’t do anything but love them and be loving examples to them. Baptism, “praying the prayer” and being a Christian is wholly their decision and one I hope that they make when they are older and can have a more full understanding of the depth of that choice.  Dedication is a way for us, as their parents, to have accountability with our church and family and a beautiful prayer for our girls.

Ever Harbor Joy
Born: April 27th, 2012 at home.

Ever – meaning always, everlasting, forever, eternal.
Harbor – Ever’s first middle name, meaning place of security, comfort, rest, and refuge.
Joy – Ever’s second middle name, meaning delight, bliss, happiness, a state of

Ever is a reminder to always hold onto joy.

With these names in mind, we therefore anoint Ever Harbor Joy with oil and join
her parents today to pray that she would come to deeply know how much you love her
heavenly Father.

We pray that she knows you as her Ever, her great Always. We pray that she would
know you as the one who was, is, and is to come, not merely in an abstract sense, but
personally, that you have gone before her, you hold her in the moment, and you will
never leave her.

We pray that she knows you as her Harbor, her Haven, her Refuge. We pray that as she
finds her place in you she would pass through the fire untouched, pass through the rivers and not be swept away, and in the storms of life you would speak the word to calm the storm and lead her to her safe haven.

We pray that she knows you, as her Joy, her great Delight. We pray that the dance, the
song, that is your life, Father, Son, and Spirit, would capture her heart, that she would
know your delight in her, and hear you singing over her.

We pray Father, as she meets you and knows you, that she would shine this out to all
those who know her, to her parents, to her siblings, to her friends. That she would be a
harbor, a haven, and a reminder and experience of your joy to all around her. That she
would be a living witness, leading people back to you, the giver of all good gifts.

Bless this little girl, her parents, her family, Father. In the name of Jesus, amen.


  1. Beautiful!

  2. What a great family memory. And I recognize Tim! 🙂

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