A big sister gift.

We knew we wanted to give Nolie some kind of “big sister gift” and what is better than a place to escape to that is all your own when that baby sister is too much?

Enter: the playhouse.

I asked Charlie how much it would cost to build a play house… we hemmed and hawed over some online ideas and expensive costs and then decided to be creative. This home was made for a total of $ 9.75

All wood is reclaimed (mainly pallet and some from a worksite at Charlie’s work)- $0

The paint was bought on clearance for $5

I had Chalk board paint on hand $0

We got the pail at the Dollar store last year $0

The switch box was $3.25

and each switch was $.50

Here is the process….

And just an after because this house is killing me with cuteness. 

This will be there perfect escape for Nolie and her comrades this summertime. And once I put our some chairs for the mamas this will be a perfect break for everyone! I should take another picture of it now… big wheel parked outside, chalk drawings on the walls and a smiling happy girl who is overwhelmingly happy with her “big sisser gift!”


  1. adorable!
    tristan recently posted..Cinderella Dressed in Yella……My Profile

  2. super cute. Way to go Charlie!
    Kamille @ Redeeming the Table recently posted..The NEW Adam RestoresMy Profile

  3. Love it!
    Rachael recently posted..Week 15: Short but SweetMy Profile

  4. Autumn! This is amazing! You and Charlie (and Noelie) did a kick ass job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sharalyn says:


  6. Seriously cute and cool! Way to go Charlie!
    Jessica G. recently posted..A Realization of Ginormous ProportionsMy Profile

  7. This is so awesome! Do you know about how many palettes it took?

  8. Hi. I was just wondering if you all are/have given a tutorial on how to make this clever little house.

  9. I love love love this and since my friend who was moving had some 2x4s and odd pieces of wood to get rid of. I got them. Now this may seem like a silly question since I have no experience with building materials but how did you nail the woods together because it’s rather thick? Do you just use longer nails?
    Janette recently posted..DIY Hot/Cold packMy Profile

  10. This is absolutely adorable! Would you mind sharing a detailed tutorial on how you did this? Thx!

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