Winter Fashion

I used to post quite a bit of outfit ideas and inspiration here. But as the years have gone by, I’ve felt less and less connected to fashion. What I enjoy wearing seems to shift every two years or so, my style changes, and as such I would rely heavily on Fast Fashion (H&M, Old […]

Why YouTube?

This past weekend I did something that scared me. I started a YouTube Channel. I’ve loved sharing on Snapchat and Instagram this past year, but the slow to load links, 10 second cut off, and disappearing content was always a bit frustrating and I have a lot I want to share, talk about, and engage with […]

Motherhood, My North Star

I have tried to swing the pendulum into different genres when I write. I have tried to step back from talking about motherhood. Over the years I have experienced online bullying, and scary real life bullying. I have also experienced deep, authentic heart connection with friends and readers as a direct result of my words. I […]

Black Friday Snow Day!

This Black Friday, we shopped a few deals on Amazon and then hopped in the car and headed off for a snow day! Here are the four things we do to make snow play more successful with kiddos! Pack lots of extra clothes.  We dress our kiddos in a extra warm base layer made of thin material, […]

Opt OutSide: but first…

We’re about to hit the road to get some green and snow in our lives, but first I wanted to share a few of the amazon deals that are freaking amazing today. This little camera is SO FUN. It’s a perfect teenager gift, pre-teen gift, or family present. We have one and ADORE it. Also, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Last night I laid on my mat, finishing up a yoga video with Charlie. It was a gratitude specific practice and at the end the teacher said,  “lay into your mat and feel the ground supporting you.” My mind wandered and I thought, this isn’t the ground (not immediately), it’s this home. The floors of […]

Round Up!

I’ve been writing a LOT this past couple months. I wanted to post a few links to posts I’ve written recently that you may have missed. These are my favorites, and ones that seem to have been the most helpful to others. I’ve been really blown away by all of the amazing feedback on my […]

Santa Baby

Charlie and I don’t often do gifts that aren’t homemade. Usually he crafts me up some magic in his work shop (last year he made me some gorgeous custom yoga blocks, and recently surprised me with a matching, smaller pair!) and I whip together some little thing he’ll love (beard oil, or a favorite treat). […]

How I Stopped Wanting to Lose Weight- Self Love Learning

The short answer is. I stopped thinking that I needed to. The long answer is; long. Even when I would meet a “goal” I would realize then that I needed to lose more to feel good. To maintain my high, to feel cute, to feel worthy, to feel… anything positive. I just needed to lose […]

Home Tour- Movement and Cozy, workout and play space.

Our home is small and every room must do double (or triple!) duty. We decided to forgo using the largest space as our bedroom, or the girls’, and instead made it a community space. It is my office, our workout room, yoga room, cozy reading nook (one of a few of those!), and space for big […]